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A single month license costs 4.90 euros and a lifetime license costs 44.90 euros. The program boasts great support via the website.It also removes the unnecessary windows and boarders surrounding the table and allows you to allocate shortcut keys for different actions.ALL IN Expert is a small app (1.5mb) that is only compatible with Windows.Viewing the database statistics and applying filters is extremely easy.

It stores all the players you have every played against, how they played, what they bet and when, when they folded, the cards they showed and so forth.All you need to do is choose your type of game, select how many players there are and what cards are on the table and this tool will look at your percentage of a positive outcome.PLO Ranger is an easy to use HUD that shows your hand strength while in game.PS Last Hand is available as an unlicensed version which can be used indefinitely, however you can only dieplay the last hand panel on one open table.The software makes notes for you and displays it in a easy to view HUD.Poker4Tuna was started in early 2016 and has a forum for support.For additional information about this free calculator, go to this link.

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All of this is done through an online web based poker simulator.

The company started with the idea in 2003 and are constantly improving on the system.Shanky Bot Bots in the poker rooms are becoming more and more common.They offer regular updates and now support both Windows and Mac OS.Should you play a mixed game such as HORSE, the Wizard will automatically detect this change and will adjust the type of window opened.This Tool allows you to play with all your tables stacked and only have the tables that require action open.

MTT Tools & Software In the last few years, a number of excellent poker tournament tools have been available for poker players. In terms of whether or.TI assist with this by looking at the early deep stack cycle and helps you maintain a decent size stack pre-break and will even be able to help you with the ever difficult all in or fold scenario.It will allow you to decide whether or not you should play or fold your hand.

Unfortunately, this software is no longer available, despite claiming the free trial is operational when it is not.Once the table loads the tool syncs with SharkScope and fetches any information available for that player and applies the predefined rule and categorises them by colour and a brief overview with a detailed option should you expand your view.

It also has a table tile tool that allows you to attach hotkeys to tables for different shortcuts.

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You can also assign hot-keys for fold, call, Raise and all in.FullAutoHoldem Grinding smaller tables to build a bankroll can be a tedious task.

Stud Indicator If you play Stud Poker you are extremely limited to tools that can help you develop your game.FullAutoHoldem also allows you to play more than one game at a time which increases your chances of winning.Pricing wise they are fairly more expensive however the means justifies the end.

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The tool is completely free for the first 150 hands after which it is only 79 Euros for the license.Then once the initial setup is complete it will scan the lobby and find tables that meet the predefined rules.With this tool being completely free it is the one must have if you are looking for a equity calculator.Looking for exciting poker action,. Freeware. Power Play. Comments. Thank you for rating the program!.Poker Office Poker Office is a real-time poker odds calculator.With fantastic support and quick turnaround times via email, you can purchase a hand history database with peace of mind.So for example a digit of 5 means that it is a percentage anywhere from 45% to 54.99%. Each statistic has a pop-up showing the actual percentage and includes various detailed statistics.

What HEM2 does is reads hand histories saved on your computer and converts them into the database.EasyStreet Players today are always trying to find that extra edge to be better than the next.Not only is this one of the cheapest but also one of the best poker tools available.Should you need to step away from your computer, it will sound an alert to let you know when it is your turn to play.It has a built in opponent statistic builder which can give you the edge you need by gathering information on your opponents playing style.If you want to test this software out, it is available for 30 days as a trail license with full functionality.

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