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Description: Continue from the gate down to the bridge past the road, this cannon is next to the bridge.Fifth Symbol Description: This one is harder, Multiple pictures incoming.It is hidden behind the fence just a bit so you have to actually walk up to it to see it.Trivia In the bandit camp where you pick up a hyperion device to start to Catch-a-Ride outside, you can head alongside the cliff behind the camp and find a Toilet chest.The Van Is Damned Description: Find and loot the roaming Cara-Van.Description: Right near the Exit to Bloodshot Ramparts, this one is on the ground to the right of it.No Notes Skullmasher Sniper Rifle Son of Mothrakk Shoots 5 Projectiles for 1 bullet.

Description: This Echo is near the Bus stop from the first game, in a Dumpster.There is a closet door you can open and at the back of the small room is the Vault symbol.

Description: In the area where you kill the Jack Double, this Echo is near the center of the area on a bench again.It is against the wall in a crate on this small section of land.

Strategy: In the Buzzard Training Academy, find this helipad and jump on the crates to get onto the roof.Tightrope onto the bridge and walk across the metal supports.Description: After killing the Splinter Cell, this couch is in the room before the gun chest reward.

From there, you have to jump sideways onto an empty rail hugging the building.This guide will contain various information on Bosses, Loot, and Locations in the game.All of the screenshots in a 3rd person POV were made possible through one such table.Loot Name Type Dropped By Special Effect Notes Location Black Hole Shield Foreman Jasper Always Shock, Pulls Enemies in when shield is depleted, and then creates an Nova No Notes Trivia Nothing here right now.Go around to the other side of the shelter and clamber up the rocks to get to this symbol.Strategy: You have to go through the passage behind Laney to reach this audiobook.If you have unlocked True Vault Hunter mode, you can earn cash over there then head to Normal Mode and spend cash in the machines at less cost.I cannot help you much after this except for the fact that you should make your way clockwise from this spot.

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Description: Between the second and third Assassins, after you go down stairs, above the second generator near the third Assassin spawn.Slot machine in the dust borderlands 2: However even though it may be higher than one person playing the game, the drop rate is still quite low.Welcome To Borderlands 2! Now with added "PS4" and "Xbox One" Flairs! Here are some handy resources:. SLOT MACHINE STATISTICS. Borderlands 2 - DLC Guide. Official.Midge-Mong Has No Friends Description: Kill Midge-Mong and his rider before they summon backup.

Strategy: Wait until you receive an Echo while sitting in the Dust.Description: This symbol is on an out of bounds tower to the south of the fast travel.

After Splinter Cell, in the room with the last couch, There is four switches.There is a ladder allowing you to climb to this ship and all you need to do then is snipe Boll through one of the portholes.Loot Name Type Dropped By Special Effect Notes KerBlaster Rifle Midge Mong Fires Gyro Rockets, Impact spots spawn grenades Uses Assault Rifle Ammo pool making Ammo regen impressive.Borderlands 2 Slot Machines Xbox 360 accidents attorney, car accident attorneys, auto accident attorney, accident attorneys, dui defense attorney,.Note: In the picture, I am looking at where the first vault symbol is.Turn around and next to the ladder is this Symbol Description: Between the first and second Assassin, in the right hand corner across from the second assassin.Strategy: This one requires a semi decent shield, just kill the 7 midgets that spawn in with Laney.

I will delete any comments involving people hating on such gameplay and all it will do is waste both of our time.Make Boom Go Boom Description: Kill Boom and Bewm without any players taking a direct shot from Big Bertha.King of the Buzzard World Description: Explore your way to the roofs of Buzzard Academy.Chicago - The Band Casino Rama Entertainment Center May 17 | all info here!. We have Chicago - The Band Casino Rama Entertainment Center May 17 !.Go around a nearby fountain and this camera is on a lightpost.Damage from The Cradle has a very low incline, making it useful earlier on but a whole lot less useful later in the game.Strategy: In the area where you fight Blue, across from where you walk in and he spawns is a single lone island.This toilet is in a crate by the helipads Description: Right after the broken bridge jump, this toilet is between a building and a grinder.When Nature Calls Description: Discover where the engineers do their business Description: At the start, look to your left.

Description: In the back corner of slab town, to your right when walking in.Forums > Borderlands Series > Borderlands 2 News and Discussion > Borderlands 2 Discussion Forums > Borderlands 2 General > Moxxi's Slot Machines.Borderlands 2: The Handsome Collection. Discovered all named locations in The Highlands,. Had Purple-rated gear or better equipped in every slot (1).Challenges Cult of the Vault x3 Description Near the southern end of the map, there is a shack with a Badass Nomad and Psycho.

Description: After the speciman building, walk directly across.Can You Hear Me Now Description: Destroy all 4 communication dishes Description: From the start fast Travel, go through the gate to your right.To reach the gun chest on the top, jump up on the rear bumper.Breaking Borderlands 2: Easy money, XP, Eridium, boss fights, and tokens. Sebastian Haley May 13, 2012 5:30 PM. GamesBeat Latest. Slot machine payouts.At the far end of the track, before the bridge, is a shortcut which will help.life of luxury deluxe slot machine. borderlands 2 rare slot machines locations. peggle slots online. mad hatters slots free. highlands slot machine borderlands 2.

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